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Sven Longshanks: The Hidden History of Christian Britain

andre and megalith
Radio Aryan

Sven Longshanks looks at the earliest history of Christianity in Britain and the beliefs of the ancient Britons and Druids, finding that they were a highly civilised branch of the White race descended from Trojans. Using early descriptions of the Druids from their enemies and from their own writings, it can be seen that they had far more in common with the priests of the Old Testament than most people realise. Britain has more stone circles, dolmens and standing stones than anywhere else in the world and this also provides a link with the Old Testament, as the Israelites were commanded to erect these exact structures wherever they went.

Looking at the Biblical record, we can see that a very important family disappeared from Egypt just before the rest of the Israelites left with Moses. We find the records of what happened to this family in the pagan histories and from them, we can see that they would go on to start the royal lines of Ireland and of Troy, before one branch headed for the White Isle to colonise Britain. King Brutus and his sons would go on to name parts of the country after themselves and Britain became an important trading post of the Phoenician empire.

From the 7th century onwards another large wave of people would enter Europe from areas under the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Clay tablets from the library at Nineveh, a huge inscription on a Persian cliff face by Darius the Great and tablets sent to Pharaoh from Tell-El-Amarna all identify these people as the ten tribes of Northern Israel. These people would go on to become known as the Saxons, Cimmerians, Goths and other Germanic tribe as they travelled in a great migration to the north and the west of Europe.

Considering the overwhelming evidence for all this, is it any wonder that Christianity would first take root in Britain before going on to become accepted by all the other nations in Europe? The real wonder is how this information has been supressed over the years, despite all the obvious references to it in the Bible and elsewhere. Abraham’s faith was not that many nations would become his seed, but that his seed would become many nations and Christ’s statement that his message was only for the lost sheep of the House of Israel, only makes sense once you know this hidden history of Europe and pre-Roman and pre-Saxon Britain.


The Brut or the Chronicles of England
Prehistoric London - Its Mounds and Circles
The Holy Kingdom
Saint Paul in Britain
The British Kymry or Britons of Cambria: Outlines of Their History and Institutions from the Earliest to the Present Times.
Stonehenge and Druidism
The Abrahamic Covenant
Missing Links Discovered in Assyrian Tablets
The Traditions of Glastonbury
Tracing Our Ancestors
Israel's Lost Empires
Celt, Druid and Culdee
The Phoenician Origin of Britons, Scots & Anglo-Saxons

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: The Hidden History of Christian Britain – SL 080116

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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Wolfpack: Christians, Heathens and Unity

Oración a San Miguel Arcángel
I was invited by Dion Wehrwolf to co-host his Saturday night show over at Radio Wehrwolf last weekend.

We started off talking about unity in the White Nationalist movement and how unproductive it is to criticise different factions of it. If you are putting your race first, then people should be supported and not criticised.

The example of Joshua Bonehill was brought up, who has been jailed for 3 years and 4 months for a happy merchant meme on Twitter. Bonehill was a bit of a media prankster and not everyone could see the logic behind his actions. He had also done some daft things in his youth and a few people have been trying to dissuade others from supporting his cause because of this. None of that should matter though, as it bears no relevance to the fact that a young man has been jailed for the equivalent of a Homer Simpson style caricature of a Jew.

We then talked about Judaeo-Christians and hippy-pagans and the best ways to reach them and racialise them. This led to a discussion on Dion’s reasons for being a Heathen and mine for being a Christian.

The last hour mainly gives an explanation of how Christian Identity doctrines can be used to wake Judaeo-Christians up to the truth about the Jews and race-mixing. Also how all the oldest White scriptures including the Vedas, the Bhagavad Ghita and the Bible talk about how the White race is separate to all the others in being especially blessed by God.

Miguel Serrano did a lot of research into this and showed how the other races were mongrel creatures, produced by Aryans miscegenating with aborigines. This is also hinted at by the half-human half-animal gods of Egypt, Greece and India.

Serrano ended up thinking Christ must have been Lucifer though and reasons for why that could not be so are given, along with an explanation of the role that Satan plays in our world and why the Jews behave the way that they do.

Questions about whether Saul of Tarsus was working for King Herod and what the correct Biblical view of Islam should be were answered, as well as an explanation given of why it is incorrect to think that today’s Jews were the Israelites of the Bible.

The Kali Yuga was also described and a theory put forward that if mankind has gradually become more and more corrupted, then the old gods would have been subverted too. In the same way that the establishment church teaching has now become perverted 2,000 years after it’s beginning, the old religions would also have become changed beyond all recognition. It is a struggle to get to the original doctrines of today’s living religion of Christianity, let alone the dead religions of old, that surely went through the same process of being subverted by the proto-Jews.

In the end it boils down to a fight between good and evil, pure and impure and if we are still White and we are still here, then that shows we have resisted the impurity and the darkness all this time since the beginning. Our ancestors were the elite who did not fall to miscegenation and that knowledge is what helps to give us the faith and the strength that we need to continue our battle, a battle which the Bible tells us White people are guaranteed to win.

Hosted by Dion Wehrwolf and Sven Longshanks

Wolfpack: Christians, Heathens and Unity

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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Radio Aryan

The Narrations articles will now just be appearing at the new Radio Aryan website. The Radio Stormer project has moved from the Daily Stormer to a new site and under a new name, but the content will still be the same and with the same people involved, the only difference being that Andre will no longer be involved in overseeing it, I will be instead.

All the podcasts will now be in one place, along with a radio player, download links for all the other programs on there and the chatroom.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Radio Stormer Narrations: Merrie England 2000 Part II

The author on his wedding day.

This story may be said to be an exercise in second sight. By all means treat it as just a prophetic bad dream, if you wish, unless and until you happen to wake up to find it is really happening. By title it is attached to England because of the historical connotation, but this is without prejudice to the rest of Britain to which, rest assured, its contents are equally applicable. As a fictional forecast it is neither intended as nor estimated as anything which in terms of the Public Order Act 1986 can cause "racial hatred": a negative concept which does not motivate the author.

His motivation is concern for his homeland and his folk as once they were and should again become. His anger at what has already happened to England and the English, is now happening and seems set to happen, is fully focussed on those who, whatever their race, are ultimately responsible; and most of all concentrated on the renegades of his own race, especially the politicians congregated in the House of Treason beside the Thames at Westminster.

These are the people, whatever their breed, who are to blame for causing England and the English (and Britain and the British ) to approach the year 2,000 in the manner depicted in this book. Others, immigrants of other races, have only taken advantage of the treachery of our own renegades. Therefore they should not be made the scapegoats for the prime culpability of the latter, who are to be rated the greatest criminals in history for their supreme crime against their own kind.

This assessment does not conflict with criticism of the presence, influence and effect of incoming Jews, Coloured persons and other racial aliens, providing it is expressed entirely within the context of the condemnation of our own renegades for this consequence of their conduct, so that they and not the racial aliens are the target. So, dear reader, whoever you are, condemn not the author for holding up a mirror to the times! Instead hold culpable for the play thereby reflected precisely the players themselves. without which there could be no reflection. If anyone, inspired by the elastic terms of Part III of the Public Order Act fancies he detects some "insult", some "threat" or some "abuse" against racially alien immigrants, rest assured that this impression is a misapprehension in the eye of the beholder, and not the intention or consequence of the author. The only offence arising from this chronicle must be charged against those who make the material of this book come true, not the chronicler.

If, despite this injunction there remains anyone incapable or unwilling to accept this interpretation, then let that person avoid either contemplating or contracting what he erroneously regards as "racial hatred" by the simple expedient of refraining from reading any further.

Colin Jordan March 1993

Narrated by Sven Longshanks

Untitled 1d

Radio Stormer Narrations: Merrie England 2000 Part 3 - The Harmonisers


Radio Stormer Narrations: Merrie England 2000 Part 4 – The Staging of the ‘Holocaust’/Democracy: The Freedom to Comply


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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Radio Stormer Narrations: Merrie England 2000 Part I

BM Poster B.A

This book is dedicated to Gerald Kaufman, Jewish Member of Parliament for the U.K., ancestrally from Poland, who not only in his policies typifies trends towards an England in the year 2,000 as depicted in it, but has taken a lead in trying to prevent its publication by penal action against its author for his writings.

In June 1991, acting merely on a complaint by Kaufman, police invaded and ransacked the author’s home, and seized a copy of the first draft of this book.

Thereafter, with the necessary scrutiny and consent of the Attorney General, a prosecution was started against him for some other literature seized. This was at the outset suspended by a High Court injunction which the author obtained, pending a Judicial Review by that Court of the legality of the warrant used for the raid, leave for which Review he had previously applied for and had been granted.

When that Judicial Review was about to take place in November1992, the police finally at the last moment, to avoid a High Court decision of censure, admitted that the warrant was invalid, and the search and seizure consequently unlawful; and abandoned the prosecution, agreeing to return all of the property seized and since then retained.

The Attorney General - the highest law officer in the land appointed by the government of the day- thus stands condemned for having sanctioned under Jewish pressure a prosecution of a political opponent for expressing freedom of thought, an attempt at suppression based moreover on what he must have known was an illegal raid. Such was the threat to freedom in 1992.

What will it be like in the year 2,000 ?

Colin Jordan 1993

Narrated by Sven Longshanks

Untitled 1a

Merrie England 2000 – Annie’s Crime and Punishment/Annie’s Telly Training


Merrie England 2000 – The Processing of ‘Honey’/The Colouring of Education


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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Radio Stormer Narrations: Brutus the Trojan Prince Part 2

Historical events became elaborated upon with mythical features over time, eventually evolving into faerie tales in order to keep their memory alive among the people concerned.

Final part of Sven Longshanks’ narrations looking at the evidence for Britain being colonised by Trojans.

Radio Stormer Narrations: Brutus the Trojan Prince Part 4 - Brutus The Founder Of London

Edmund Spenser wrote about Brutus founding the city that became London in The Faerie Queen, which was based upon earlier legends.

We also have the records of Nennius, Gildas and even Edward the Confessor, who wrote of London being built after the likeness of Troy.

Tours is linked to the Brutus story too, supposedly being named after the death of his son Tyrrhi there and the city being built around his tumuli.

Other links with Troy are the troytown mazes, labyrinths cut into the turf all over the country and similar in shape to those found at Crete.


Troytown maze in Rocky Valley Cornwall.

Radio Stormer Narrations: Brutus the Trojan Prince Part 5 - The Sons Of Brutus I

Brutus sons were named Cambria, Loegria and Alban, who were either named after or gave their names to, Cambria (Wales) Lloegria (England) and Albion (Scotland) and their tribes in those lands.

Cornwall was named after the Duke Corineus, who wrestled with the giant Gogmagog and won. There are statues of these two heroes in London, although sometimes one is called Gog and the other Magog and Corineus name is absent.

Dunwal Molmutius was the first to introduce municipal government and take the title of king, the rulers before him being named as chiefs or rulers. His laws became the bedrock of English common law and were codified by Alfred the Great well over a thousand years later, when he incorporated them into his own Anglo-Saxon law book.

He was also responsible for the seven main roads that spanned the country from coast to coast, three of them being centred in London and was the first British sovereign to wear a crown upon his head.

Some of the laws he created are included here and are taken from the Triads.


King Lud, whose head was buried in the White Mount facing towards France in order to prevent invasion from the continent.

Radio Stormer Narrations: Brutus the Trojan Prince Part 6 - The Sons Of Brutus II

Belinus succeeded Molmutius and gave royal protection to all who travelled along his roads, both native and stranger alike. This was the origin of the phrase ‘the king’s highway’ and anyone who drew weapons on them was made a criminal.

He caused the walls to be built around London and gave his name to the famous fish market that still survives today, Billingsgate. It was his head that was buried in the White Mount facing France and for as long as it stayed there, there was no invasion from the continent.

His grandson was Lud, who would give his name to Lud-dun, which became London. He built the west gate of the city in 66BC which is also named after him and his attempts to beautify the city are recorded in the Welsh Mabinogion, as well as his measurement of the island, which identified Oxford as the central point.

One of his sons went on to become the first traitor to the nation, making secret treaties with Caesar and going down in infamy as ‘the black traitor’ of the Triads.

All narrations are taken from EO Gordon’s Prehistoric London – Its Mounds and Circles.


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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Radio Stormer Narrations: Brutus the Trojan Prince Part 1

Brutus sets sail for the White Isle - 15th century illustration from Geoffrey of Monmouth’s History of the Kings of Britain

Sven Longshanks presents a new 6-part series looking at the evidence for Brutus, the patriarch of Britain.

Radio Stormer Narrations: Brutus the Trojan Prince Part 1 - Brutus in the Chronicles of England

Starting with the history of Brutus the Trojan Prince as recorded in the Chronicles of England.

The Chronicles have been shown to be mostly accurate, with a large number of the kings listed within them being found on pre-Roman coinage.

There is more detail about Brutus in there than any other monarch and the chronicles themselves were named after him, becoming later known as ‘The Brut.’

All the kings of the island from the time he settled it were descended from him and the settlers that he brought with him were his countrymen from Troy.

The Chronicles themselves were originally written in proto-Greek, then Latin and finally translated into olde English which is the form they can be found in now.

This version has had the English updated to modern language by LA Waddell.


Corineus patriarch of Cornwall and Gogmagot, the giant he threw from a cliff on Plymouth Ho.

Radio Stormer Narrations: Brutus the Trojan Prince Part 2 – The Homeric Brutus and Trinovantium

Homer wrote about a hero named Perithoos and his companion Coronus, in both the Iliad and the Odyssey and besides having similar names to Brutus and Corineus, they both had similar events happen to them.

Both defeated aboriginal tribes, both went wife hunting in the same area, both became great warrior-heroes in Greece, both conquered the king of Greece, both had a son who co-ruled with the son of Coronus/Corineus and there are other similarities as well, that LA Waddell has noted here.

In the second part of the narration, Waddell looks at the way the the Trojan colonists would name their new colonies after their old homeland. Besides the New Troy that became London, there were also New Troys in the Tiber valley and in Egypt. We see the same thing still happening today with New York.

The Troy Niendi of Brutus, became the Tri-Noantes of Ptolemy and Tacitus and finally became the Tri-Novantes of Caesar, the name of the tribe that lived in the London area. Troe-Noey is even mentioned in the Gothic Eddas, along with Hedins-Eyio, or Edinburgh.

King Lud was a later king descended from Brutus, whose name became attached to the city and is why it later changed to Lud-Dun and London.


The stone that Brutus first set foot on when he disembarked at Totness.

Radio Stormer Narrations: Brutus the Trojan Prince Part 3 - The Arrival of Brutus in Britain

Looking at similarities found between the relics of old Troy and the bronze age people of Britain, EO Gordon pieces together the evidence for the Trojan kinship of the British people in his book ‘Prehistoric London’ which is quoted in this narration.

The most ancient writers of Greece and Rome all concurred that the Kymry were the oldest family in the world and the proof of their early colonisation attempts can be found in places as diverse as Armenia and the Crimea.

The only two national names that this adventurous race were ever known by, were the Kymry and Y Lin Troia, the race of Troy.

As well as this being documented in the chronicles, the early history of Britain was also recorded by the Druids and can be found in the Triads and in the Welsh Bardic literature.

When Brutus arrived, Britain was already sparsely populated with his kinsmen from previous migrations and some of their story is told here, as related by the Triads.


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